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About Artseini

 Dear Friends

If you didn't already know my name is Navi Artseini.  I started this clothing brand when I was about 16 years old in 2016, selling shirts to my high school friends during class and in the hallways.  Artseini Started off as this small side project that I would do when I was bored and had nothing else to do but put my art on clothes.  Over the years ARTSEINI became something more than just a clothing brand.  Around the same time I started ARTSEINI I also became interested in skateboarding and began to go street skating and going to my local skatepark in Buena Park, California.  William Peak Park is the park that changed ARTSEINI as brand.  The park shaped it to more of a group of friends getting together and making art in any shape or form.  Peak Park really inspired me to get out my comfort zone and do the MOST.  I guess you can say ARTSEINI is more than just clothes now.  ARTSEINI is now painting, music, drawing, clothes, stickers, and etc.  Shit I might even make furniture soon.  Anyways, ARTSEINI is family that continues to grow bigger and stronger.  The only thing that can stop me now is death.  Thank you all for the support.